Still have 2018 Crop Pecans
On-Line Store - Open
Cracking Barn/Store
Open By Appointment
Call - 214 458-4107
Home of premium paper-shell pecans in North Texas.  We shell
and sell pecans at our Barn, plus sell across the country
through our On-Line Store.  These are golden mammoth
halves, which is the top grade in the industry.

The cracking Barn/Store is (See Above).  The price to crack,
shell and blow  is $.75/lb.   
Use the First Time Cracker link  at
right to learn how to prepare your pecans for processing.  

The On-Line Store is (See Above), link at right.  Thanks to all
that ordered in the past.  Looking forward to hearing from you
this season.

For more information,  and larger Cracking Orders (40# and up)
- email
- or call 214 458-4107.

And Cousin Leslie's Luscombe Farm is a great place to order
our family recipe Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.   See that link on the
First Time Crackers -
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On-Line Store
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Farm - Cousin Leslie's
Jalapeno Jelly
Directions to Foster
Crossing Pecans
Map will show 1320 CR 366